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You can download the most recent version from our website. Afterwards, extract the archive to a place of your choice. There is no installation necessary.

Open on Windows

Simply open the executable review.exe application.

File Association on Windows

Add review to your start applications and get a local test report. Right click on it and go to Open with and search for the review.exe. Now all future test reports should be easy to open via review just by clicking on them.

Open on Mac and Linux

Run the executable review file and you are good to go.

Login / Connect to rehub

In order to use review, you are required to login with your retest account. Upon opening review you are prompted to login and your browser should open, redirecting you to rehub.

Updating review

To use recheck reports with review, they are required to have the same minor version (e.g. 1.6.x), otherwise review might not be able to work correctly anymore. To update review you have to download the new version and replace the folder contents.