Welcome to retest docs

This is the documentation for various retest products.


  • recheck: An open source Java API that implements Difference Testing.
  • recheck-web: An open source Java API to replace existing or create new Selenium Tests with (unbreakable) Difference Testing.
  • recheck.cli: An open source solution to view the reports and maintain your Golden Masters generated by recheck.


You are invited to change or improve any part of the documentation or even contribute to the respective open source products with features, bug fixes or issues.

Just click on the pen next to the title, fork the repository if necessary and create a pull request.

Creating a pull request

  1. Development: Please setup the development environment and make the changes in a separate branch. We prefer the feature/${branch-name} model. Please try to add descriptive commit messages.
  2. Build: Make sure that you can build and serve the documentation. Verify that your changes are displayed correctly. We have integrated Travis to perform the build step; refer to the Travis documentation on how to get started.
  3. Pull Request: Create a pull request for retest/docs:master. Your pull request will be built automatically; if there are any errors, please try to fix them or allow edits by maintainers. If we suggest changes, discuss or perform them, and lastly, rebase and push your branch.