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You should only need to define the dependency if you plan to extend recheck yourself. You may use an already implemented extension.


recheck is usually used with extensions that provide the capability for converting the objects of a specific technology into the domain model of recheck.

Available extensions:

Alpha extensions (proof of concept):


If you are developing an extension for recheck, we would be happy if you contact us or add your extension with a short description here.


Extensions, but also frontends such as the recheck.cli or review, are supposed to be compatible across minor versions. That is, you can view reports from, e.g., recheck-web 1.5.1 with recheck.cli 1.5.0 as they both share the minor version 5, which means they use recheck 1.5.x under the hood.

Build tools

You can add recheck as an external dependency to your project. It is available in Maven central or via the release-page, which allows you to include it into your favorite build tool.

For the current version, please refer to the release-page.




compile 'de.retest:recheck:${LATEST_VERSION_FROM_ABOVE_LINK}'