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Additionally to the recheck configuration, you can configure some additional properties within recheck-web.


The RecheckWebOptions are an extended form of the plain RecheckOptions. Similarly, they are created using the builder pattern and should be a drop-in replacement for the RecheckOptionsBuilder.

RecheckWebOptions options = RecheckWebOptions.builder()
    // Do your configuration here


Same as the RecheckOptions the RecheckWebOptions can be passed to the RecheckImpl.

RecheckWebOptions opts = RecheckWebOptions.builder()
    // Do your configuration here
Recheck re = new RecheckImpl( opts );


The RecheckWebOptions should always be used instead of the RecheckOptions when using recheck-web.


Below is a list of the available options you may configure with corresponding methods on RecheckWebOptionsBuilder. Please refer to the detailed sections below.

Option Default Description
checkNamingStrategy CounterCheckNamingStrategy Defines the naming strategy used by the AutocheckingDriver for the naming the checks.
screenshotProvider ViewportOnlyScreenshot Defines the screenshot strategy that is used by snapshotting the WebDriver.


        .checkNamingStrategy( new CustomAutocheckingCheckNamingStrategy() )
        .screenshotProvider( new ViewPortOnlyScreenshot() )
        .namingStrategy( new ClassAndMethodBasedShortNamingStrategy() )
        .projectLayout( new GradleProjectLayout() )
        .suiteName( "my-custom-suite-name" )
        .addIgnore( "MyCustomIgnore.filter" )

Naming Checks Automatically

When using the AutocheckingDriver, every action performed will generate a check with a provided Recheck instance. Since those checks require a name, it will be uniquely generated by the provided AutocheckingCheckNamingStrategy.

Configuring Screenshots

The creation of a check triggers a screenshot capturing of the WebDriver or WebElement supplied. This screenshot is only used for documentation purposes and not the comparison (e.g. pixel differences). Since screenshot are quite slow and large, they may be changed or disabled by using a provided implementation of ScreenshotProvider.

There is a global system property available to configure these screenshots. However, they are overwritten by the local option defined. This allows you to e.g. globally disable screenshots during test execution for performance reasons, but enable them locally during Golden Master creation.


Additionally to recheck properties, recheck-web provides some more properties to configure.

# Configure the strategy of how screenshots are taken.
# fullPage | viewportOnly | viewportOnlyMinimal | none